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Half bezel set wedding ring with diamond.
18K yellow gold and diamond
New Zealand Jade (Nephrite) bracelet, made with sterling silver, 14KY gold, and Montan Sapphires by Ryan C. Sedgeley.
Sterling Silver, Gold, New Zealand Jade, and Montana Sapphires
Petrified wood inlayed with silver and copper and set on hinged sterling silver bail riveted with brass rivets by Ryan C Sedgeley.
Petrified Wood and Sterling Silver, copper, and brass
This white gold ring with a topaz set in place by a cage of green gold by Ryan C Sedgeley.
Gold and Gems
A fossil shell inlayed with sterling silver and brass by Ryan C Sedgeley.
Fossil Shell, Shells, Sterling Silver, and Brass
Iron pyrite ammonite set in silver accented with gold, brass, and copper by Ryan C Sedgely.
Iron Pyrite Ammonite set in sterling silver and gold
Pendant made with rusty old mining metal and a found shotgun shell by Ryan C Sedgeley.
Rusted iron, shotgun shell, amethyst